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December 21, 2011
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HECK YEAH SLADE by samapitongzabala HECK YEAH SLADE by samapitongzabala

Dresses, fairy princess costumes, gowns, Candace's dress.. any pretty girly PnF dress outfit, you name it. Slade will wear it... :lol:

We support seeing Slade in the most random outfits we can ever think of that we know he'd be scarred for life for wearing :lol:

based on all the recent fan artworks I made, the PnFxTTs crossovers! XD
so far, it's the fanart collection that are most popular in my gallery.. I'm happy you guys like them :D

The Switches!

if you guys wanna see 'em, here's a complete list of 'em... XD


this is "The Main List"

SET NO. 1 (episodes/ story arcs gone wrong)

:bulletblack: "He Wants To Be A Real Boy" (Teen Titans w/ Terra vs. 2 Guyz In D Parque, female singers and Norm)

:bulletblack:A Twisted Dress Up(Teen Titans, Slade, and Silkie Vs. Phineas, Ferb and friends, Candace, Doofenshmirtz, Monogram and Perry)

:bulletblack: The End: "Doofsday"(Trigon, Slade and Teen Titans Vs. Doofenshmirtz, Norm, Candace, Vanessa, Jeremy, Ferb and Cyborg himself; including random "Teddy" Perry and Phineas)

:bulletblack: Teen Titans: Wizard of Odd(Sequel to The End: "Doofsday"; Sequel to A Twisted Dress Up; Titans East w/ Terra, Slade, Raven and Madame Rouge Vs. Fireside Girls, Isabella, Perry, and Suzy; including Phineas and Ferb)

:bulletblack: Apprentice's Aftershock: Busted(Slade and Vanessa herself Vs Candace and Vanessa.. herself; Includes Apprentice Terra, Apprentice Robin, Phineas and Ferb)

:bulletblack: Summer Belongs To... Who?(A Twisted Dress Up Sequel; Malchior Vs. Vanessa includes Red X as the mime, Perry the Platypus and the Klimpaloon)

:bulletblack:The Doof Side Of The Titans Rising(A Twisted Dress Up Sequel; Terra vs. Irving; including random Batman and Perry The Platypus)

:bulletblack: Nevermore: The Gateway To Ferb(sequel to Twisted Dress Up and Summer Belongs To.. Who?; Trigon Vs..; Dr. Light Vs. Doofenshmirtz; includes random birds from the Teen Titans, Phineas and Ferb and The Source)*

:bulletblack: 'How Long Is The Quantum Boogaloo?' .. Don't Ask(sequel to A Twisted Dress Up; Doofenshmirtz as Warp; Joker as Doofenshmirtz; includes Beast 'Bald', Bald Carl and Perry as Batman (Terry))

:bulletblack: The Quest For The Run Away Runway(Robin and Phineas gone away for some reason; PnF gang dressed up as Robin, Titans and Superman dressed up as Phineas; includes random Perry, Silkie, and Joker in a Ducky Momo costume)

:bulletblack: The Legend Of Isabella (Phineas and Ferb, Teen Titans and random DCAU characters take on The Legend Of Korra; Beast Boy as Skoochy, Vanessa as Asami Sato, Batman as Aang; Candace as Lin Bei Fong, Albert as Captain Saikhan, Terra as a metalbending cop, Linda Flynn-Fletcher as Toph Bei Fong; Slade as Amon, Isabella as Korra, Phineas as Mako, Ferb as Bolin; Pinky as Naga, Buford as Tahno; Robin as Tenzin, Larry as Meelo, Melvin as Ikki, Raven as Jinora, Starfire as Pema, Silkie as Oogi, Joker as Tarrlok, Heinz Doofenshmirtz as Hiroshi Sato, Major Monogram as Lau Gan Lan; includes random Bolin as Major Monogram and Agent P (Perry) and Agent P (Pabu))

:bulletblack: Happy... Somewhat... Evil Love Song(Phineas as Speedy, Isabella as Cheshire, Vanessa as Raven, Ferb as Malchior, Candace as Jinx, Jeremy as Kid Flash; includes Slade posing as Disney Tangled's Rapunzel and a bald Robin)

SET NO. 2 (invading other fandoms/ other fandoms invading)

:bulletblack: General Iroh: Mulan (twisted Legend of Korra and Disney's Mulan crossover by Doofenshmirtz with unexpected twists; a "twisted-little-bit-of-fluff-with-major-angst-and-microscopically-mild-smut-reference-in-a-twisted-AU-based-on-either-your-OTP-with-some-NOTPS-which-is-half-inaccurate-and-where-one-of-your-favorite-character-dies-but-at-least-it-will-make-you-laugh-with-a-twist-ending-within-a-twisted-ending-within-a-twisted-ending-with-Slade's-fashion-taste-influence" kind of... story...; Iroh Jr. as Mulan; Mako as Mushu; Amon as Shan Yu; Korra as Yao; Ikki as Ling; Jinora as Chien-Po; Tarrlok as Chi-Fu; Zuko parallel to Fa Zhou; Mai parallel to Fa Li; Sokka parallel to Grandmother Fa; Iroh Sr. as the Great Stone Dragon; Doorman parallel to the Match maker; Asami as Li Shang; Lin Bei Fong as General Li; Tenzin as the Emperor; Bolin as Cri-Kee; Naga As Khan; Pabu as Little Brother; Hiroshi as "Dat Hawk"; Tahno as a random farmer)

:bulletblack: Bunny Ferb (How to make Slade do the Oppa Gangnam Style) (A Twisted Dress Up Sequel; Doofenshmirtz as Mumbo; Slade in a hula skirt and wig of Raven's hair and Titans' initiation rights while dancing Oppa Gangnam Style; Stitch as PSY;)*

:bulletblack: Wreck It-Doof (Based on the Pixar movie, Wreck-It Ralph)

:bulletwhite: Music (musically themed/ now mutifandom)


quick deviations related to (or had something to do with) the cross over

:bulletblack: Candace.... Gwen?(Candace Flynn as Gwen from Ben 10)

:bulletblack: Benlie fan art WIP(WIP look of Benlie fanart featuring apprentices Terra and Robin and Norm as Slade)

:bulletblack: Digital Dumps(featuring Phineas and Ferb characters drawn in the Teen Titans style and vice versa, random Ferb and Perry, TLA's Azula (Crazula), Adventure Time's Marceline in my own style, and Teri from me and my cousins USL)

:bulletblack: Traditional Dumps(featuring random PnFxTT sketches and drafting, base sketches, and various other cartoons and USL doodles)

:bulletblack: iPad wallpaper(featuring collage of my shipping fanart and Teen Titans: Wizard of Odd's Slade the good and pretty witch)

:bulletblack: yes, Mako(featuring Avatar: The Legend Of Korra's Mako, Adventure Time's Finn and Princess Bubblegum, Ben 10's Gwen and Kevin, and Danny Phantom and Sam)

:bulletblack: MY PARENTS ARE DEAD!(rejected concept that never made it to the pending list; Robin featuring Avatar: The Legend Of Korra's Mako)

:bulletblack: Legend Of Isabella: Book 1(WARNING: can cause fandom feels explosions and possibly higher blood pressure; 18 fandoms and 100 characters in one crossover; extended version of main listed PnFxTT"The Legend Of Isabella";Wonder Woman as Katara, Toilenator as Gommu, Jake the dog and the True Master as the old lady and the platypus bear, Cyborg as Bumi, Stacy as Kya, Gizmo as Hasook, Mammoth as the Doorman,  Source as The Protestor, Two-Face as Zuko, Bumblebee, Red Star and Aqualad as other council members, Punk Rocket as the Announcer, Amoeba boys, Finn The Human, Flame Princess, Dumb Rock, Speedy, Malchior, Manny Armstrong, Alan Albright, Gwen Tennyson, Numbuh 1, 2, 5, Ron Stopabble, Kim Possible and Wade Load as Pro- benders, Norm as the Lieutenant, Azmuth as the Cabbage Merchant, Terra, Baljeet, Kevin Levin, Stanley, Monty Monogram and Clay Bailey as metalbending cops, Flash as Sokka, Puppet King as Yakone, Carl as the "squeaky voice assistant", Charlene Doofenshmirtz as Mrs. Sato, Giant Floating Baby head as Rohan, Jake Long as General Iroh, Ducky Momo as Noatak and Tarrlok's mom, Alfred Pennyworth as Avatar Roku, Madame Rouge as Avatar Kyoshi, Aquaman as Avatar Kuruk, Marceline as Avatar Yang Chen, Meap, Galfore, Perry The Platypus, Squidward, Hot Spot, Ben 10, Pinhead Pierre, Baloony, Blossom and Zatanna as other past Avatars, Katorou, Dr. Drakken and Vilgax as the Triple Threat Triad, Cooper as the phonograph vendor, Ice King as Toza, Brother Blood as Lightning Bolt Zolt, Wuya as Yue, Spud Spudinksi as Shiro Shinobi, Gunter as a butler/ security guard/ himself/ one of the penguins living with Penguin, Penguin as a Penguin, Jennifer Nocturne as Ember Island Actress Aang, Loki as a random lost mountain spirit, Charmcaster as Azula, Michael Morningstar as Chan, Luong Lao Shi [Gramps] as Iroh the first; special mention and or appearance by Jack Spicer and Fu Dog; possibility of Jeremy as Hawkeye, MerMako and Princess Korra as Isakorra's parents, Mojo Jojo as Shady Shin Shin and Santa Claus as Pakku)

:bulletblack: Irolan meets Mermako (crossover of the crossover within a crossover within the PnFxTT; sequel to General Iroh: Mulan)

:bulletblack: LOK Disney Madness - MS Paint (crossover of the crossover within a crossover within the PnFxTT; sequel to General Iroh: Mulan; Iroh with friends XD)



:bulletred: Excaliferb(movie-poster like.. thing.. based on Twisted Dress Up and Doofsday)*

:bulletred: Make Dead Play(Slade and a special guest ;))*

:bulletred: Detention In A Brand New Reality(this..; only crossover without switching outfits)*

:bulletred: Kole(something to do with Candace and Kronk the caveman has nothing to do with Candace or Kronk.... not funny... but romantic... XD)

:bulletred: Power Failure (based on that comic where everyone switched powers... if possible, maybe a part 2 of it too.. XD) :new:

:bulletred: Plot Twists(another multifandom based crossover...) :new:


will be updated as frequent as possible

:bulletgreen: Pnf: AT2D(2-3 fandom crossover idea again...)*

:bulletyellow: Split Personality (Slade isn't the only one who can play Candace...)

:bulletyellow: Ferb TV - Channel 257-498 (the episodes they had TV show gag thingies... I'm still thinking about it...)

:bulletyellow: Slade Needs Fabulous (my sister ~leighfab97 recalled High School Musical and told me to imagine Candace singing the HSM2 song, with Ferb playing the piano.. when she mentioned "Candace" the first thing that came to my mind was "Slade".. so instead.. I accidentally imagined "Slade" singing.. "Fabulous"... and.. yeah.. even I myself get scarred of all these random disturbing ideas I come up with... LOL.. but we'll see XD)

:bulletyellow: Slade, Robin and Raven's mom (YES!!!.. I already got who.. XD .. No.. Not Mother Mae Eye.. someone... freakier.. :evillaugh:)

:bulletyellow: The Chronicles Of "Sha-La" (hmmm)

:bulletyellow: Transformation(eehh......)

:bulletyellow: Slade The Mummy(err.. had something to do with The End)

:bulletyellow: "You're Going Down"(inspired from one of ~RockSoybean's random caption :dummy:)

:bulletyellow: Slade's The Mayor(Oh God...)

:bulletyellow: The Magnificent Employee Of The Month(thinking)

:bulletyellow: Love Handel(If I could think of 3 adult superhero or villian in the DC universe, then yes)

:bulletyellow:Disco Miniature Golfing Joker(yes. yes. nasingit ko!)

:bulletyellow: Voyage to the Bottom of A Car Trouble(hmmm.. naahh.. still thinking)

:bulletyellow: Picture This(Slade and.. special friend..)

:bulletyellow: Nerdy Dancin(The End sequel I guess..)

:bulletyellow: Date With Destiny(one day.. just one day.. when a silly little girl gets in between Isa and Phin, this is gonna be on top of the list)*

:bulletyellow: The Seer Vs. Ikuzo: Greatest dA PnF and TT fanfics collide(Twisted Dress Up Part 2.. I just feel like I wanna) ...sorry... Just realized switches are impossible because of story plot contradictions.... But hail ~sergio-quijada and *KicsterAsh for their awesome works.. :worship: I love these two :D

:bulletyellow: Skiddley Whiffers(something to do with Jinx)

:bulletyellow: Teen Titans: Trouble in Tokyo(possibly sequel to either Doofsday or Twisted)

All switch attempts beside the yellow bullet are now arranged from the most recent to the oldest to the rejected

:bulletblack: - Finished/Existing;
:bulletwhite: - In Progress/ Finished but not yet uploaded;
:bulletred: - officially planned to be drawn;
:bulletyellow: - Pending/ Possible
:bulletgreen: - rejected concept "brought back to life"
:new: - New... alangan namang ancient :XD:
* - concepts that will have no suggested switches
bold - promoted to "Coming Soon!"
strike - rejected concepts... but that does not always mean it may not be ever brought back up again, hence, still beside a yellow bullet

do not steal the concepts from switches not next to a black bullet.. I worked so hard for thinking them all through.. but you are still allowed to make up your own concepts by taking inspiration from them :D)

anyways, keep checking the list to be updated. And if you wanna suggest to me a switch you would like me to draw, comment below and I'll be happy to take them under consideration :D ..

But for almost all of the pieces, I make up the concept, you decide how a switch or more goes :D


Asking me to NOT have any PnF or TT characters to be switched with another character WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. I will not take those kinds of suggestions over those who would want those switches anyways. Anyone can suggest all the kinds of switches they want even if it's Suzy as Terra or Lex Luthor switching with Ducky Momo...

Since I do commissions instead of requests now, the PnFxTT art sequel collection is a "community request", as I would say in my world. These are the only artworks where I can do requests through requested or suggested switches from all deviants out there.. but always keep in mind that NOT all desired switches will be official and I cannot guarantee that they will be 100% approved to be drawn because it may not fit in any of the switch concepts I come up with.. Sometimes the switches you suggest will change depending on how it inspires me or how I or other people think it should go.... but don't worry, suggestions you give me will always be considered in case a new thing comes up in my mind :D

Please remember that the PnFxTTs involving other fandoms are in the main list is only because I FEEL LIKE I'M WILLING TO DO IT and no one requested me. I will NOT take requests or suggestions of Phineas and Ferb and Teen Titans crossing over with one or more fandoms..

How did all these crossovers start?
3 or 4 years ago, In the days of my "amateurity" (:lol: making up wordz), I switched the Teen Titans with HSM.. had it my gallery before, but I deleted it. (go ahead, laugh at that stupid crap, that's how I drew with MS Paint and I didn't have Realworld that time, I had Powerpoint! LOL.. but yeah.. I find it a laugh out loud moment looking at that.. crap XD) So far I always have been fascinated with cartoon crossovers that they inspired me..
couple years later, now that I'm not so much of a "crappeh" artist, I had the idea of crossing Teen Titans with Phineas and Ferb in my mind but it didn't make it out of my head, as of thinking it was a crappy idea. A year later, my official "it-ain't-crappeh-anymore" crossover finally made it out by just doodling around. I crossed Phineas and Ferb with Ben 10. Having a couple thousand views was not so bad.. people found it humorous although I didn't think of it to actually be like that.. but I liked it.. I took the humorous views as a compliment and inspiration.
months later, thought of another PnFxTT crossover, but I decided not to draw it for the Robot Riot fanart as it was more dynamic, entertaining and exciting, and it would take me a lot of time to do it.
Pretty soon, when I wanted some of my fanart ideas out through my <inhales deeply> "few-of-the-hundreds-of-artwork-ideas-that-never-made-it-out-of-my-head-but-I-gave-it-a-chance-to-be-drawn-and-I'll-draw-them-in-MS-Paint-so-there.." art sequel collection, I drew my second PnFxTT (technically coz there was another one). people found it really funny and were really glad that I still decided to draw it. Knowing you guys liked it, I had my first PnFxTT (technically, coz I thought of it before Real Boy) drawn next for the art sequel. It reached thousands of views so fast and was all over Tumblr. A lot of you people loved it, but some found it offending because my switch attempt contradicted with a canon shipping (BBxRae), which I never intended to do so (I don't like yaoi as well and I am also a big supporter for BBxRae). But on the bright side, a lot liked it and "bombarded" me (in a positive way of course) suggested switches such as Vanessa and Raven, Candace and Starfire, etc.. So after finishing my art sequel, I made another PnFxTT right away, taking consideration of various suggestions. A lot found it fun and "humorously scarring" but then some didn't get my point on Cyborg and Perry. But whatever, a lot of you guys said more, and then I made more and the rest was "HISTORREEHH!!"
Tools used in this sequel
MS Paint... all the time... I make sure I always do at least 95% of the work in MS Paint.. and I use RealWorld for the glowy or textury whatever color effects when the piece needs it XD
this sequel is a challenge because I get to test my versatility in cartooning and my patience with MS Paint XD
Objectives and goals with these artworks
1. To challenge my versatility and art style; 2. To put smiles on the faces of the people who need cheering :)
anyways, feel free to fave and use the stamp... but only within the borders of deviantArt .. still enjoy! :D

I have no intention to infringe copyrights through my fan artworks/ ideas/ concepts or whatsoever

Phineas And Ferb is owned by Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh
Teen Titans, Batman: The Animated Series, Batman Beyond: Return of the Joker, Young Justice and Justice League is owned by DC Comics
Angry Birds is owned by Rovio
Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra is owned by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko
Pokemon is owned by Satoshi Tajiri
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien is owned by Man Of Action
The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, Kids Next Door, The Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time are owned by Cartoon Network
Xiao Lin Showdown is owned by Warner Bros.
Kim Possible, Gravity Falls and American Dragon: Jake Long are owned by Disney Channel
Madagascar is owned by DreamWorks
Lilo and Stitch, Tangled, Mulan, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid and The Emperor's New Groove are owned by Walt Disney
Wreck It-Ralph is owned by Disney Pixar
Spongebob Squarepants, Fairly Odd Parents, Ahhh! Real Monsters!, The Wild Thornberrys and Danny Phantom are owned by Nickelodeon
Full Metal Alchemist is owned by Hiromu Arakawa
The Simpsons is owned by Matt Groening
Slenderman is owned by Victor Surge
The Avengers is owned by Marvel Comics
Hunger Games is owned by Suzanne Collins
Doctor Who is owned by BBC
The Little MerMako originated from Tumblr
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