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May 18, 2012
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The Legend Of Isabella by samapitongzabala The Legend Of Isabella by samapitongzabala


not even a single panel or part of the piece.. EVER...



crossover with 3 shows is not enough? HOW ABOUT 18? :evillaugh:

and if you have questions.....
you can just read the "About The Art" part and the two paragraphs below and then skip everything else if you like..
if it's long, I'm sorry, I just typed everything for less confusions, misunderstandings, and misconceptions of the piece...

Important Notice:
I do not intend to offend anyone through this piece or whatsoever. I had no uniform basis of switching and therefore, most of the switches are not suppose to make any sense at all so that it may still go with the flow as The Legend Of Korra's story progresses.
So if there is anything canon from the respective series such as bonds (Batman and Robin, Raven and Melvin, Phineas, Ferb and Momma, Ferb and Isabella, Ferbnessa, RobxRae, RobinxCandace?, etc.), personalities, characteristics or features, it is PURELY UNINTENTIONAL The PnFxTT cross over concepts doesn't entirely prioritize what is canon but rather make things go south with twisted and unexpected get ups to achieve possible maximum humor. So please I'm just politely asking you guys to enjoy the piece without bad thoughts... Let Bolin enjoy his role as the chief of the Republic City division of OWCA okay? :D

Unfortunately, I WILL NOT take any suggestions of the PnFxTT switching with the Legend Of Korra or other shows as this piece will be the first and last time I draw three way or more crossovers like that.. If you have your own opinion of how to switch them, there's no need to tell me, take it as your own idea and draw it as you please...
But if you were thinking of Phineas and Ferb vs. Teen Titans switches, there's always a complete list of other different switches I made right below the part I want you to read...
I may not take Lok Vs. PnFxTT switches, but if you want to request or suggest to me your desired Phineas and Ferb Vs. Teen Titans switch, please double check what's been already finished because your suggested switch might have been already done... but if not, please do not hesitate to share suggestions for the PnFxTT's improvement by posting a comment on Slade's Fabulous Corner :D

Now let's get the laughing started.. :evillaugh:
*added a few of the rejected captions that I thought deserved the chance.. And also a caption from a PnF character that I thought could've made the switch if The Aftermath would've been aired earlier.. oh yeah.. there's this tiny pixel in the piece that really irked me so I fixed it... I dunno if you guys noticed it but.. yeah.. just. :D

YAY! Slade is back in the crossover... Within a crossover.... CROSSOVERCEPTION!! :dummy:, he may not be in a dress but it's okay! XD
Caption Time!
Raven: "Azarath, Metrion.. I will make no such promises."

Joker: "Why so.... precocious?"

Jingle: "Doofenshmirtz Future Industries!"

Heinzoshi Doofenshmirtz: "BEHOLD!!.. THE DOOFMOBILE!!!.....-inator."

<getting ready for a new day, taking a shower and sings...>
Joker: "All eyes on me when I BOLIN,
No TENZIN that this girl’s a 10
TOPH hate me ’cause I’m BUMI-ful
TOPH hate me ’cause I’m BUMI-ful
TARRLOK, my talk, the way I drip
It’s not my fault, so please don’t trip
TOPH hate me ’cause I’m BUMI-ful
TOPH hate me ‘cause I’m BUMI-ful"

Linda: "Hey Bruce, I made you a song.."
Batman: "...."

<in the shower... with a rough slow rock kind of voice....>
Joker: "I want TAHNO what love is!
I want YUE PAI SHO me.....
I want TOPH -eel what love is
I know YAKONE show MAIIII.."

Robin: "We will put Slade back in your candy cane dress where he belongs."
Candace: "Like old times?"
Robin: "Like old times."

Robin: "Hey Isabella, would you say you and Phineas have a 'rocky relationship'?"
Isabella: "I was expecting that from Beast Boy.."
Sokka: " :squee: I told him to say that!"

<still in the shower... Now with that intense growling gospel voice...>
Joker: "Big wheel keep on turning
Proud MAKO keep on burning
and we’re BOLIN, BOLIN,
BOLIN on the river!!!"

<In other dimensions.....>

Toph: "I'm not Sokka, I'm not Ty Lee, I'm not Katara,
And I don't wanna study, work or stay home-a,
I'm Toph Bei Fong and I wanna have fun!
I'm Toph Bei Fong and I wanna have fun!
I'm Toph Bei Fong and I wanna have fun!
I wanna, wanna, wanna have
Fun fun fun!"

Lin: "There you are, I order you to break up with Asami and date Korra"
Mako: "I thought you wanted me to take the day off and not annoy you.."
Lin: "That Tahno next door is talking to her and I will be annoyed if he wins her heart before you do!"
Mako: "Lin, we don't this to compete, we do it coz Bryke told us too.."
Bolin: "And for the ladies.... reeerrww"
<no?.. no. okay, forget that.....>

<few years ago, Lin Bei Fong gets hit by a molecular separator>
Lin: " :iconilavplz: My Tenzin, my Tenzin, and I will be forever! My Tenzin, Tenzin, Tenzin will leave me never! Oh, Tenzin. Yay, Tenzin!"
<Toph twitches>

<As of now, Lin Bei Fong has a secret room with an altar and chamber full of Randy Jackson, posters, perfumes and various "yo, yo dawg!" knick knacks>
<See what I did there? XD>

Korra: "Uh, Major Monogram?"
Major Monogram: "Uh, Yes?"
Korra: "So none of us will remember any of today?"
Major Monogram: "That's right"
Korra: "Good"
<Korra grabs Mako and kisses him>
Mako: <delighted gasp> "Korra!"
Korra: "Hit it Carl!"
<I'm sorry for breaking your shipper heart... but I'm a Makorra shipper too>

Whip My Hair
Based on Willow Smith's Song
<it works if you imagine them all whipping their hairs hardcore while they sing their lines.. oh.. and singing with feelings>
Tahno: "just whip it"
Asami: "whip it real good"

Joker: "What Hair?"
Korra: "Firebend outta bed, turn my swag on
Pay no attention to chi blockers
Because we bend 'em off
And we ain’t doin' nothin' wrong
So deal with it, Tenzin
Toph's just tryna have fun
So keep on probending
So what's up? (yeah)
Amon doesn't know what to do
We turn our back and be the leaf and eat
flameo, flameo,
flameo, flameo..."

<Mako breaks in and stops the song so he sings...>
Mako: "I'm the fireball of the party, I'm the fire
I'm the fireball of the party, I'm the fire
I'm the fireball of the party, I'm the fire
I'm the fire, I'm the fire...."

<and they go on forever>
<Obviously, I'm running out of song ideas XD>
as always, you can to make up your own captions or story for this :D

About The Art:

I never really intended to make this concept, but my fangirling and inspiration just made me to XD
Like I said, most of the switches are not suppose to make any sense, but I still tried to formulate a good reason for the switches so..
Why the switch?.. and other questions...
* Vanessa as Asami Sato (Vasami Doofenshmirtz)- well, I thought it works, both of them are gorgeous XD
* Beast Boy as Skoochy (Beast Skoochy)- I felt like drawing a younger Beast Boy about the age we saw him in the 'Homecoming' flashback, plus I think it's cute and funny if he tried to take "Vasami"'s moped (see what I did there? )XD
* Batman as Aang (BatAang)- I thought it was funny.. :giggle:
* Candace as Lin Bei Fong (Candace Bei Flynn)- they are both associated with the occupation of "busting" ... plus Candace has this aggressive side at times... no? I was also thinking of the 2nd dimension Candace from the PnF movie XD
* Albert as Captain Saikhan (Captain Saikbert) - from the PnF episode "The Doof Side Of The Moon", Albert gave Candace his "nerd word" .. some kind of loyalty I think... so yeah, I thought it worked.
* Terra as a metalbending cop - because she's technically an earthbender.. and.. you get the picture..
* Linda as Toph Bei Fong (Lindoph Bei Fletcher)- they're both "momma"s of girls who bust people... plus they have blind qualities, Toph's literally blind and Linda's blind of Phineas and Ferb's contraptions :D
* Slade as Amon (...Almond... :rofl:) - who wouldn't see that one coming?
* Isabella as Korra (Isakorra)- both are "date worthy" and beautiful kick butt girls.. plus the one they're crushing on are... you get the picture... oh yeah, they both made the first move to kiss their boys :dummy: :D
* Phineas as Mako (Makineas... Makinis? :lmao: .. Okay.. Phineko XD)- they both have "pointy" facial features :lol: ... oh yeah, they're somewhat oblivious to what Isabella and Korra think of them
* Ferb as Bolin (Ferlin... Or Borb) - they both have cute.. unusual.. noses... :giggle: and have that quality of a "ladies' man" [Shouldn't Phineas be Bolin and Ferb as Mako? - believe it, I considered that switch too while I was doing the piece, but the hair colors didn't work for me.. coz Earth=green and Fire=red.... ehhm... let's just say I felt that it was destiny.. plus, Phinbella... (yes, I still try to base some of the switches to canon stuff just to make you happy...)]
* Slade's commandos as chi blockers (or chi blockers as Slade's commandos) - meh, worked for me.
* Pinky as Naga (Pin...Ping-gah... This is becoming worse..) - one of the reasons why I think it's okay to switch Izzy with Korra, they both have pet dogs XD
* Buford as Tahno (Buhno) - this came to me way before what happened to "And the Winner is...", the thing is, I saw that they both had this obnoxious side... yeah.. hope it still worked..
* Robin as Tenzin (just Robin)- :giggle: remember that concept draft I did for Quest On The Run Away Runway? this is also where the Fire Ferrets' switch came from.. If you watched the Episode "X" from Teen Titans, there was this scene where Beast Boy was trying to theorize who Red X is with a board with different Robin caricatures. I wanted to draw all I could remember there and one of them was this "long lost brother" who was suppose to be based on Robin's voice actor, turns out that the doodle ended up to seem like Tenzin.. then I drew the three PnF kids as the new team avatar and all the other poop happened that eventually led to this... XD
* Larry as Meelo (Lalo?... Leerry?)- I dunno, it kinda worked for me
* Raven as Jinora (Jinoraven)- Well, we saw Raven in that age during 'The End II' and both her and Jinora like books.. and... :shrug: .. yeah... and I heard there were Jinoochy shippers... so.. yeah.. and I support BBxRae
* Melvin as Ikki (Mikki.. Now that's cute)- you asked for it .. could've changed her hair but it didn't work well.. :/ (resolution issues)
* Starfire as Pema (Pema'r)- would've chosen Raven, but.. I based this one to shippings as well.. both Pemzin and StarxRob were endgame :giggle: (I was talking about the animated series)
* Silkie as Oogi (..Suki.. Lol jk.. Soogie :D)- it works..(I wish I was able to draw Silkie's whole face.. but it didn't fit.. so.. :tears:)
* Joker as Tarrlok (Jokerrlok)- ... I have no idea...
* Bolin as Major Monogram (Major Bolin)- because somewhere, there is a Major Monogram dressed up as Alfred Pennyworth who is dressed up as Ferb's grandpa who is dressed up as Mad Mod who is dressed up as Ferb who is dressed up as Bolin.... doesn't make any sense? Exactly....
* Who is Starfire's baby? - you wanna know? ... it's called a pillow :trollface: .. and don't say that she made babies with Robin because in this situation, they're babysitting.. while dressed up... with pillows :XD:
* So.. who's Katara - you should be scared to find out.... oohh.. okay fine, I was thinking of Mother Mae Eye.. Xb
undrawn switches
* Flash as Sokka - coz it works... there should also be "Wang Flash" jokes...
* Bobbi Fabolous as Korra's dad - unless you want Mr. Denzel Crocker... (see what I did there?)
*Two Face as Zuko - it's the face thing, it wasn't gonna happen because of......
* Riddler, Penguin and Two Face as the Triple Threat Triad - would've worked...
* Alfred Pennyworth as monk Gyatso - I liked it for a few seconds... Then I hated it.. i don't want to think of the awesome Alfred dying because of Sozin (Sozin is Trigon btw.) Xb
* Madame Rouge as Avatar Kyoshi - forgot about this LOL... thought of it but didn't intend to put it :D
* Norm as Lieutenant - wasn't "oomphy enough"...
* Irving as feather hat guy - resolution issues
*Mammoth as the door man - hehe.. I was lost in my thoughts.
Most didn't make it because MS Paint can't handle big resolutions to fit in so many ideas :tears:
But then again, most of the switches don't make sense so the explanations can be negligible... slightly.. negligible...
.. Then I said that I will never draw fire and water with MS Paint after that Makorra fanart...... oh well...
I drew everything and some of the gradient effects in MS Paint. Glowing effects and textures are done in RealWorld Cursor Editor and Photofiltre. I added a few tweaks to their character designs to look like they really made more effort on dressing up this time :D...
Yes, yes even my fangirly fandom feels over these 3 shows took over me during the process that I nearly got a heart attack every single day, every hour, wether I was doing this piece or I was in school... Or eating.. Or sleeping... Far more worse than how my feels usually affect me doing the regular PnFxTT crossovers.. LOL
I felt the same way you feel about seeing this for the first time, only prolonged and slightly... Maddening.. :la: Thankfully though, I have healthy blood pressure, strong spirit and a mind stable enough not to be broken down by these twisted ideas... Coz believe me, my dreams in my sleep are far more weirder than all my crossover concepts combined... All of them aren't even halfway of how scarring it is.. But.. Yeah you get the picture... I'm still a perfectly normal and healthy uncrazy crazy person despite my crazy creativity...
where it all started: [link]

okay.. now go rewatch the Legend Of Korra Episodes and imagine these characters doing their respective roles and if you want to, post a comment of your feelings after doing so.. :evillaugh:

okay shutting up now :XD:

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If you want to see the complete list including in progress, extended crossovers, future and pending concepts, click here

I have no intention to infringe copyrights through my fan artworks/ ideas/ concepts or whatsoever

Phineas And Ferb is owned by Disney, Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh
Teen Titans and Justice League is owned by DC Comics
Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Legend Of Korra is owned by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko
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ShuelAhmed Featured By Owner Nov 28, 2014  Professional General Artist
Isabella is Opal Beifong the same actress Alyson Stoner but I like your idea instead
samapitongzabala Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Student General Artist
this art was done like milleniums ago and opal wasnt introduced in the show yet then but if i would have done this now i would have gone with that haha :D
ShuelAhmed Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Professional General Artist
You got me
Amelia-Seyruun Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2014
Candace as Lin Beifong.

samapitongzabala Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Student General Artist
i'm glad.. thank you
DemonLama-lil Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2014
this is AWESOME i love cross over it takes skill to do that i like the legend of korra one and that Slade is Amon looks great your talent with art I greatly respect
samapitongzabala Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2014  Student General Artist
thank you :love:
hatersgonnahateforvs Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2014
samapitongzabala Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2014  Student General Artist
one. this is my art.

two. as the artist of the work and having the freewill to have my own set of preferences, you don't tell me what to do with my art. how about you fuck off and shit on your own art instead.

three. no one asked for your shitty rude opinion.

four. no one cares if you don't like the show.

five. you are not obliged to shame people for liking something you don't like. it makes you look like either an idiot and or an asshole. please, you are only embarrassing yourself. you look like a person who willingly went to a bookstore to look for a fight by just crying and throwing a tantrum like a toddler about how much you hate books.

six. grow up. behave like someone with moral values and dignity.

seven. if you don't like the artwork, then don't bother the artist or comment worthless words in their art. it's rude and ill-mannered.

eight. no one asked for the presence of negative people like you. go pet a dog or something and reevaluate your life choices.
DemonLama-lil Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2014
this is beautiful your soul is very powerful for such an awesome piece of artwork i love when characters switch universes
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