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Wreck-It Doof by samapitongzabala Wreck-It Doof by samapitongzabala




and before anything else.....
you can just read the "About The Art" part and the two paragraphs below and then skip everything else if you like..
if it's long, I'm sorry, I just typed everything for less confusions, misunderstandings, and misconceptions of the piece...

Important Notice:
I do not intend to offend anyone through this piece or whatsoever. I am not completely familiar of a few games depicted in the movie. I had no uniform basis of switching and therefore,
I intend this crossover to mostly make no sense and be really bad in a good way. So if there is anything canon from the respective series such as bonds (Ferbessa, Mako and his scarf etc.), personalities, characteristics or features, it is PURELY UNINTENTIONAL The cross over concept doesn't entirely prioritize what is canon but rather make things go south with twisted and unexpected get ups to achieve possible maximum humor. So please I'm just politely asking you guys to enjoy the piece without bad thoughts... Mako's a son of air and he's trying to gain a human soul for 300 years to go to Heaven and he wants you to be good

Unfortunately, I WILL NOT take any suggestions of the PnFxTT switching with the Legend Of Korra, Adventure Time, Wreck-It Ralph or other fandoms. If you have your own opinion of how to switch them, there's no need to tell me, take it as your own idea and draw it as you please...
But if you were thinking of Phineas and Ferb vs. Teen Titans switches, there's always a complete list of other different switches I made right below the part I want you to read...
If you want to request or suggest to me your desired Phineas and Ferb Vs. Teen Titans switch, please double check what's been already finished because your suggested switch might have been already done... but if not, please do not hesitate to share suggestions for the PnFxTT's improvement by posting a comment on Slade's Fabulous Corner :D

Now let's get the laughing started.. :evillaugh:
you know, it just occurred to me that I never drew Slade in a serious manner. Ever.
Caption Time!
<butts can leak fart>
<I wasn't able to make captions, sorry XD>
but as always, you can to make up your own captions or story for this :D

About The Art:

Like I said, most of the switches are not suppose to make any sense, but since there are restless people who wouldn't give up on that fact, I made up explanations..
Why the switch?.. and other questions...
I was trying to achieve a pattern of switching so that I could challenge myself both my versatility as an artist and as a crackhead fangirl. My goal is that every game is a different fandom or show and characters of one show must only portray characters from the certain game switched with it. and I also based these fandom-game switching on similar cartooning/design styles, story plots and reasons of nonsense. Also, I wanted this crossover to be bad.. bad in a good way... so I made really stupid and funny switches to make this really whacky as possible YOU ARE WELCOME xD
*Doofenshmirtz (Phineas and Ferb) as Wreck-It Ralph [Wreck-It Doof] - coz everything he builds gets wrecked in the end... and.. Doofenshmirtz looks like he has bad breath?.. .. I rewatched 'Agent Doof' recently so.. heh maybe I based it from there.. here, Doof staying in OWCA and stuff (.. ehehe.. I'm typing this at 3am, okay?!)
*Ferb (P&F) as Fix-It Felix Jr. [Fix-It Ferb.. HA!] - people have spoken and chose him in majority. Also, coz his name starts with an 'F' and he is also in to building and thus, fixing poop. Felix was by far the hardest to find someone to switch with because this is actually my first crack-crossover-supposetobeendgame-ship in a crossover and I had to pick someone who was both perfect to play as Felix and also vaguely acceptable to ship with Korra. i had help from a lot of people for deciding this (other character choices: Carl, Monty Monogram, Irving)
*Korra (LOK duh) as Sergeant Calhoun [TaKorra Jean Calhoun? .. actually just Korra..] - Because Korra sounds like Tamora... and they're both BAMF ladies... actually I was just curious how Korra would look like in a battle suit XD
*Terra (Teen Titans) as Vanellope Von Schweetz [Taco Von Leche.. I dunno] - they both live in a place they crashed in at some point and they had trouble with controlling abilities and being accepted.. and they were actually princesses (YES! this is the first logical explanation so far)
*Equalists (LOK) as Cybugs [Equabug/ Cyqualist/ Chi-bug/ Chickroach/ Cyquanisha/ Chicyquanishanellanae-nay] - it could've been worse (other character choices: Cabbages, Canyon Crawlers with Bryke's face on 'em)
*Slade (TT) as King Candy [Deathcandy the Terminator.. King] - (SPOILERS!) both him and King Candy died during a triggered volcano eruption haha.. ha :'D
*Lich (Adventure Time) as Turbo [Lichy??.. heh.. 'DOOF'S GON' LICHY?!'] - Lich and Slade have same VA
*Mabel Pines (Gravity Falls) as arcade playing girl [Freakin' Mabel] - based on the episode 'Fight Fighters' coz.. there was arcade things and all.. and her sweater was from that too.. yeah
*OWCA Agents (P&F) as Nicelanders [ehm.. can't think of a name] - akin to Doof's explanation
*Coco, Bloo and Cheese (Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends) as those Q*bert game characters [can't think of a name for this one either] - I chose to have that switch because their show is hardly noticed or appreciated anymore and that's how I see Q*bert in the movie as well (the show's not all bad. plus I happen to like the cartooning style). it was 2am when I thought of it I just wanted to draw them, okay? and Coco was there because Q*bertese equals Cocoese and Carl was one of my choices for Felix and if you Google 'Dr. Coconut'.. ehm.. yeah
*Spongebob Squarepants as Clyde [Soul Eater] - based on the episode 'Scaredy Pants' .. and Spongebob is evil, I just feel it
*Lust (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) as Mishaela-ish lady [Me Gusta] - I don't really know
*Slenderman parallel to the Beholder [Slenderbold.. I.. huh?] - the tentacle thingies... (see I told you this was nonsense!)
*Skulker (Danny Phantom) as Kano [Skano?] - they... Robot evil guy type?
*Michael Morningstar/ Darkstar (Ben 10) as zombie [Zuzu?] - well.. he looks like a zombie
*Grim Reaper (The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy) as Satine [Grittin?]- I don't know
*Fuzzy Lumpkins (The PowerPuff Girls) as Bowser [Fuzzy Internet Browser] - AGH!
*Senior Senior Junior (Kim Possible) as Zangief [Zenior Zenior Goonior] - I think it was the soft-hearted bad guy persona or something.. I forgot
*Mr. Burns (The Simpsons) as Dr. Ivo [Dr. Ivo Roburnsnik] - because Homer is Sonic and I think this was.. nonsense.. and I liked it.. so there
*Dinkleberg (Fairly Odd Parents) as the Surge Protector - they both get a lot of 'I hate you's (and you know what I'm talking about when it comes to DINKLEBERRG XD)
*Squidward (SS) as Pacman [Pacward.. pfft] - based on the episode 'Just One Bite' because he exploded and was just a head at some point, right? and I thought it'd be fun if he were Pacman and in his game, his goal was to eat all the Krabby Patties.. YES!
*Tahno (LOK) as Markowski [Tahnoski?] - I think Tahno's the type who doesn't like bugs?
*Avatar Aang (ATLA/ LOK) as General Hologram; Avatar Roku, Kyoshi, Kuruk and Yangchen as the other holograms - they were holograms and fade-ishy like what happened to Korra's pre-Avatar state vision of them and.. yeah (other character choices: Cabbage man and cabbages, Lin Bei Fong and metalbending police force)
*Bolin and Iroh (LOK) as other Hero's Duty dudes [Meelo was also suppose to be there too but resolution issues.. eh no that's not their name] - because Korra and they're alive and able to fight off the Cyquanishanellanae-nays.. and everyone else is dead hahahahaha!!! ha :'D (oh glob)
*Robin (TT) as Taffyta Muttonfudge [Taffybird Moby Dick] - originally, I was going for Raven with this, but my sister told me Robin would 'look' better... turns out she's right haha XD (hey, at least I gave him his hair back)
*Speedy (TT) as Rancis Fluggerbutter [Rancid Fluggahbutt] - I don't know
*Starfire (TT) as Candlehead [Starhead] - because.. candles are associated with fire?
*Mako (LOK) as Dr. Brad Scott [Dr. Bra Mascot??] - either I just wanted to draw him proposing to Korra and having a wedding, draw him as an angel, or I'm just plain evil for doing this (hear that? it's my Makorra shipping heart aching....) ... or in other words, let's just say it's Ferb's revenge from their last meeting... ehhh?
*Homer Simpson (The Simpsons) as Sonic [Honic??] - I was craving for donuts and I watched the WIR trailer on Youtube and I thought of donuts when I saw the rings fall from Sonic... then Homer.... I guess I failed this one though
*Major Monogram (P&F) as Mayor Gene [Mayor Monogram.. FINALLY A DECENT NAME!] - he is the boss in the OWCA building, duh..
*The Source (TT) as Sour Bill [The Sour... that's it] - I learned that Tofu candies do exist.. and I like switching the Source with interrogated characters XD
*Hotspot (TT) as Jubileena Bing Bing [Mozilla Google?] - I'm done!
*Cyborg (TT) as Snowanna Rainbeau [Google Chrome] - I AM SO DONE!
Small references
* Krumm (Ahhh!! Real Monsters)
* Kevin Levin/Vicky vandal (Ben 10: Alien Force/ Fairly Odd Parents) - they had episodes that showed graffitis with their names.. I just can't remember the titles.. it's 4am now okay?
* Happy face (Adventure Time) - might make a good transumation circle
* October 3, '11 (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)
* Stark Industries (Ironman)
* 'Hunger Games' game (or is it?)
* Police Box (Doctor Who)
* Future Industries (Legend Of Korra)
*Titanstower chibi castle attempt (Teen Titans)
But then again, most of the switches don't make sense so the explanations can be negligible... slightly.. negligible...

I made it with hard work and actual tears from mixed emotions :'D
okay.. All drawn and colored in MS Paint. Linear gradients, nonlinear gradient color bases, and textures are done in MS Paint. non-linear gradients, blur and additional effects are done in RealWorld Cursor Editor. I have been inspired by many artists and Tumblr bloggers lately so my hands slipped XD. My purpose is to be crey and versatile at the same time.
There were like 5 more fandoms and heck of a lot more characters I could have included but because of resolutions and crashing the computer about 5 times, I didn't get to include them. And I finally got to make pixel art again.. yay! (it's hard like always but worth it XD)…
I'm sorry I ruined/spoiled/killed the movie for you

Other Phineas and Ferb-Teen Titans or Teen Titans-Phineas and Ferb Crossovers
:bulletblack: "He Wants To Be A Real Boy"
:bulletblack: A Twisted Dress Up*
:bulletblack: The End: "Doofsday"
:bulletblack: Teen Titans: Wizard of Odd
:bulletblack: Apprentice's Aftershock: Busted
:bulletblack: Summer Belongs To... Who?
:bulletblack: Doof Side Of The Titans Rising
:bulletblack: Nevermore: The Gateway To Ferb
:bulletblack: 'How Long Is The Quantum Boogaloo?' .. Don't Ask
:bulletblack: The Quest For The Run Away Runway
:bulletblack: The Legend Of Isabella*
:bulletblack: Happy... Somewhat... Evil Love Song
:bulletblack: General Iroh: Mulan
:bulletblack: Bunny Ferb (How to make Slade do the Oppa Gangnam Style)
:bulletblack: Wreck-It Doof (you are here)*

If you want to see the complete list including in progress, extended crossovers, future and pending concepts, click here

I have no intention to infringe copyrights through my fan artworks/ ideas/ concepts or whatsoever

Phineas And Ferb is owned by Disney, Dan Povenmire and Jeff "Swampy" Marsh
Teen Titans and Justice League is owned by DC Comics
Avatar: The Last Airbender: The Legend Of Korra is owned by Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko
Wreck-It Ralph is owned by Disney
Ben 10: Ultimate Alien is owned by Man Of Action
The Grim Adventures Of Billy And Mandy, Foster's Home For Imaginary Friends, The Powerpuff Girls and Adventure Time are owned by Cartoon Network
Kim Possible and Gravity Falls are owned by Disney Channel
Full Metal Alchemist is owned by Hiromu Arakawa
The Simpsons is owned by Matt Groening
Slenderman is owned by Victor Surge
Spongebob Squarepants, Fairly Odd Parents, Ahhh! Real Monsters!, and Danny Phantom are owned by Nickelodeon
Hunger Games is owned by Suzanne Collins
Doctor Who is owned by BBC
Ironman is owned by Marvel Comics
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